11 things that could have happened to Lebron James if he was born in India.

  1. He would have received Padma Vibhushan and Khel Ratna award by now.
  1. He might have adopted a village like Sachin.
  2. He might have featured in thumps up ad replacing Sallu bhai. Aach kuch thooofani karthehie
  1. Post 2015 defeat- fans might have been yelling at him to retire.
  2. Post leaving to Miami — shivsena might have burnt his idols and turned out his jerseys

6. Number of barber shops on his name.

7. Might have been a chief guest for ribbon cut events.

8. Might have featured with Anushka sharma in all clear ad.

9. Might have had rumours dating/break up with Anushka.

10. Might have suffered in involving match fixing.

11. If he was playing for chennai, fans might have already started worshiping him temples (after all he’s the king)

Thank God! He’s born in small town Akron, Ohio.

Hail To The King.

Learner, thinker and Doer.

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