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What is Salesforce Einstein ?

Salesforce Einstein is Artificial Intelligence (AI) for CRM - personalized recommendations, intelligent search results and automated assistants, embedded in the Salesforce applications that users already use, bringing AI to everyone.


Originally developed by BeyondCore, later became part of Analytics Cloud after salesforce acquisition.

Provides answers to key business questions:

what happened ? why did it happen ? what will happen ?

what are some effective options for dealing with the situation ?

Data to Einstein Discovery: Data has to be physically imported into ED.

Data sources ED can connect: Salesforce, CSV, HADOOP, MYSQL, NETEZZA, ORACLE, POSTGRES, SAP, SQL Server

What ED can do ?

Quickly analyze huge amounts of data to explain causes, suggest fixes and predicts what happens if we don’t change anything.

Einstein Discovery Story:

Importing data - ED identifies Data Quality issues
ED provides Dataset improvement options
ED clusters values in columns
ED performs statistical tests and detects patterns in the datasets


Executive summary created by ED:

Executive summary
ED allows to export data directly to Einstein Analytics

Docx PPT

Some Einstein Discovery Features:

Activity Capture: Connects emails and calendar to Saleforce, tracks sales related activities and generate insights.

Lead Scoring: Prioritizing highest value leads, identifying the top factors that determine predictive lead scores.

Opportunity Insights:Surface key opportunity insights including customer sentiment, competitor involvement, and overall prospect engagement.

Sentiment Insights: Automatically analyze the tone and sentiment of conversations in over 10 languages.

to be continued…..

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