Fast and Furious 3^3

I just watched F9 and this is what I feel about it.

10 years ago I watched my first fast franchise movie on an IMAX screen. It was a great experience watching power packed actions sequences, super fast car racing scenes. Fast forward 2021, what happened to it now?


The movie starts with Dom and Letti living happily with their child. A new challenge arrives and the team kinda assembles in next 5 mins. The story revolves all over the globe starting from Los Angeles, Edinburg, London, Thailand, Georgia.

Some AWEEEE moments

  • F9 is full of action sequences (as usual), gravity defying CAR CHASES.
  • No one wears seat belts.
  • I’m convinced that John Cena is Vin’s brother. Jacob(John Cena) runs away from his family becomes a spy while Dom(VD) makes a family out of friends (may be that’s why he lost his hair🤣)
  • Magnetism Magnetism Magnetism!!
  • Car clinging on to a rope, lands on the other side of the cliff SAFELY without single scratch to the people inside.
  • Car flying in to space, I am not kidding!!!! They managed to fly into the real SPACE to destroy a satellite and safely return to earth. All this happened while ELON MUSK spending his billions on SPACEX.
  • Han returns from Tokyo, apparently he did not die it Tokyo Drift. Jason Statham killed no body.
  • RIP Charles Theron or may be wait until few more movies for her to return. You never know!!!

Real nice moments:

  • References to Paul Walker ❤️👌🏽

Bottom Line:

In fast series cars can do anything because that’s what families do. A family movie that teaches how not to drive cars. Oh yeah! I would still watch any movie in this franchise.




Learner, thinker and Doer.

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Azim Shaik

Azim Shaik

Learner, thinker and Doer.

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